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Roughly some souvenirs of my short expatriation in Libya for Petrofina from Autumn 1998 til Spring 1999, no pictures from that time but short stories that I remember.


First, what probably looked like the drilling rig where I started as trainee ; up to 50 centigrades, freezing some nights, winds of sand, an oasis at one hour (roughly straight through the desert) to phone oversea, trois hours waiting the communication, the incompetent polish driller who was paid per week what his dutch supervisor had per day and his philippino workers per month, the galley and the soft ices, the shark teeth in the sand, the camels, the very good Geoservices mudloggers, the hydrogen sulphid that costs the barb of several local workers and that costs us a full drill string.

In Tripoli there was : The Regatta camp for expats where the humpbacks on the streets where really there to pass cable without digging the road ; The Tripoli International Airport empty due to the embargo where only rare national flights were landing ; the amaising Schlumberger Casa airplane wellnamed "The Box"; the excellent restaurant "Du Petit Syrien" in town; the souk, the stifling markets; the beach; the office, its "out of service" lifts, the car cleaners at the front, the tuna sandwitches that we were eating hidden at our desk during the ramadan.

Pierre, Patrick, Slim, Carlos and their families.


Finaly the fantastic roman archeological sites of Sabrata and mostly Leptis Magna that revived my old classic passions for roman and greek history today burried under some science and less poetic mathematics.

Situated on the coast, Leptic Magna (see links) covers a large area. Most of the buildings are in a very good condition, the harbour, the shops, the school, the monumental arch, the basilic, the therms, the theater, the market place, the arena on the sea side, an immense court bordered by collonades and buildings which I don't remember the functions. I will also remember my guide's exaltation (our geologist), who was telling me all the details on the site that he followed since the first excavations a few years before. I cannot imagine that a so large and intersting site was discovered so late burried under a immense sand dune. And was a quiet place. I remenber the only person we met on the site was that little boy in the theater surprised to see us eating during the ramadan.