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After the merge between Total and Petrofina, I have been sent as from the summer 1999 to the headquarter in Paris. I stayed there one year. Still with a belgian contract it was an expatriation with all the advantages that are related. Briefly a nice appartment 200 m away from the champs Elysees, avenue Hoche and returns back to Belgium weekly with the Thalis, how to complain.


One more time a few images. I was still argentic sure that numeric cameras were a kind of gadget that will never replace the good old Canon !!! It's also the time when, not to install a fixe phone line I bought a mobile phone that never left the appartment and that I watch now with a bit of amusement so it looks from an old time.


Souvenirs then of a city perpetually moving, made of several little villages of irreducible celts, of the half-baguette still warm that I was buying on the way back from work, of my concierge always laughing, of the oyster seller at the street corner next to the Salle Pleyel, of the Monceau parc so quite. I remember a new year 2000 planned in Paris on the Champs Elysees, oyster and champagne that we finally spent with the whole family in bed with 39 centigrade temperature. That night, a midnight, we were changing sheets dull and under medications, ..., that was probably Valery's way to wish us an happy new year for 2000.


When I arrived in Total headquarter in Paris in the stimulation department, I was a bit afraid to have to support usual jokes that french have very often on belgians. And finally, nothing. A good time with Pierre, Frederic, Jean-Jacques, Gerard, Martine, Pascal.