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 If you don't know me, this site is not particularly for you but it's a pleasure to welcome you anyway on these pages. What you will find is very ordinary and you will probably get bored very quickly and loose your time but it's a life that started in 1969, it's souvenirs since then, a family, friends, a very demanding job oversea and the follow up of building works that started on the 4th of July 2005 and that should last quite long.

 If you are a friend, hi ... how are you ? That's great to see you, I missed you. When was it last time ? [wow so long time is flying] or [you could finally go back home yesterday, you were so drunk I can tell you] (choose one). Anyway it's kind of you.

 Nevertheless, on this site I tryed to separate info purely concerning the family and that would not be very interesting for the others. Friends will find to their intention other info, sometime the same, I don't know yet really, like pictures, messages, we will see with time ...

 In the "Expatriation" section, les personnal stuffs, infos on countries where I lived, links, may be thoughts.

 The "The Farm" section is essentially to show the progress on the farm refurbishment that is actually taking place in the village of Vyle-Tharoul in a nice region named Condroz, in Belgium.

 The diary will let you know where I am and when, this is essentially to see if I'm available in Belgium for my friends or not and in "Contacts" to know how and where to contact me.

 Good surf,